People with Asperger’s/Down’s Syndrome

Not all places are autism or Down’s syndrome friendly. Which results in some individuals struggling to cope with certain environments. Some places might be too noisy, too bright, too crowded, the temperature too high or too low, resulting in anxiety attacks or simply too intimidating for some people. This makes it impossible for them to enjoy social activities or even entertaining the thought of going out to any activities.

Curamus Haven is here to make it possible for you to be able to visit the following social places with some of our volunteers 

  • Edinburgh Zoo which offers free admission to the carer of a person with a disability. The zoo features hippos, penguins, monkeys, lions and much more and has several play areas, a maze, cafes and a free hilltop safari ride.
  • Trips to The Glasgow Climbing Centre which offers introductory climbing sessions, and instructors have experience of working with people with autism. There are quiet rooms to climb in if the main hall gets too overcrowded.
  • Trips to Landmark Forest Adventure Park in the Highlands. People who can provide proof of disability are admitted at 50% of the standard full rate, and carers go free.
  • Trips to Loch Lomond Sea Life, customers with disabilities are entitled to bring a free personal assistant/carer with them.
  • Trips to M&D’s Scotland Theme Park which offers discounted tickets for people with disabilities and their carers. There are theme park rides, soft play, a bowling alley, an indoor tropical rainforest and mini-golf.
  • Trips to museums and Autism-friendly and accessible arts programmes

Activities directly facilitated by Curamus Haven:

  • Music therapy classes
  • Singing, dancing and acting workshops
  • Swimming, football, tennis, badminton and other sports
  • Exercises to help service users to keep fit
  • Speed dating

Here is link to our Penpal facility which can help you meet individuals with similar interests.